Friday, March 08, 2019


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Seriously speaking, I/we see, in the last two generations or so, that our values, our traditions, customs and communities have extremely disintegrated. What we have overall in our homeland is a moral malaise. And it will worsen or be reversed depending on how we as individuals in society act or do; in the latter our best to recover and work in accordance to the values we generally recognize as ethically "good." i.e. we as humans acknowledge as essential in uplifting our humanity. Not necessarily in any religious sense; just simply sensed as "right" or "wrong" actions, i.e. measured in terms uplifting the dignity and worth of each person in the community.
We may hear, "what can we do about it as individuals?" and that's our individual challenge which we need to face courageously. We can work on it alone or often identify and join similarly driven individuals/groups who authentically work for the "common good;" like vigilance for social justice, a good educational system, actively demand public service/morality, etc.
Nowadays, we continually hear and read so much about corruption and declarations against our values made by others in private and public; but I feel and think we native Filipinos are often inclined to "not see" the corruption in our family or among our circle of relatives and friends. We would even join in their celebrations knowing that their booties were dishonestly obtained. We tend to see only corruption among people we do not like and/or outside our circles.
With all the gross violations of justice and decency we are made aware of, we shrug our shoulders and say "it's the way the world goes." I admit that myself sometimes add "what's new?" We thus tend to be anesthetized by cynicism and be timid; therefore allow --by default, due to our inaction--- these violations to occur and recur. Our society long exposed to such recurrences become habituated and hardly notices them anymore or plainly ignore them. Ad nauseam.
Of course, all the above are easy to say, but that's us humans; we are not angels and therefore we really need to work on them in whatever way we can, even as an individual because one's action has an impact on others, for good or bad. Here, hopefully we act for the good, for those that we value, ethically.
Mere mea culpas and prayers, as we have been conditioned to do by our inherited religion, in all honesty, have not and do not work.
BTW. By morality I refer to public service as it is theoretically taken as the primary reason for wanting public office, i.e. power to do good, so to speak. I add this qualification since anytime we use the term "morality," it seems people automatically think mainly of sexual morality. There's more to the term than genitalia.

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