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The Axis of CORPORATE Evil

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"The selfish spirit of commerce knows no country, and feels no passion or principle but that of gain" - Thomas Jefferson, 1809

"You show me a capitalist, I'll show you a bloodsucker" - Malcolm X, 1965

In what appears to be an attempted corporate takeover of America, the same names keep coming up time and again. Click on the numbers or scroll down to see the connections. Note: This chart does not touch on campaign spending. Bush/Cheney represent the State Department. Many of the seeds of this evil axis were sown during the Bush, Sr. and Bill Clinton administrations. (See chart in source below.)

1. Enron and Global Crossing participated in the first-ever commodity bandwidth trade. Global Crossing was the seller, Enron was the buyer. Jeff Skilling said, “This is ‘Day One’ of a potentially enormous market. - ”Enron Press Release December 2, 1999

2. Arthur Andersen is Global Crossing's auditor, too.Shades of Enron at Global Crossing - Washington Times Feb 11, 2002

3. Roy Olofson, former vice president of finance for Global Crossing, accused company executives of overstating the company's assets, like with Enron, and of firing him when he tried to blow the whistle. Mr. Olofson told of shady deals being made with companies such as the telecommunications company Qwest - .InfoWorld February 8, 2002

4. Arthur Andersen kept the books for Qwest, too. Is Qwest playing accounting games? - Jan 31, 2002

5. On January 7, 2002, Qwest Chairman and CEO Joseph P. Nacchio was named Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) Network Reliability and Interoperability Council (NRIC). The appointment was announced by FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell."

In addition to his role as chairman of the NRIC, Nacchio is vice chairman of the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC), a select group of industry executives that provides advice on security and emergency preparedness issues to President George W. Bush. Nacchio is scheduled to become chairman of NSTAC later this year. The leadership roles for the government will not distract Nacchio from running Qwest. - Qwest Communications Press Release

6. Qwest bought $300 million worth of Enron stock in December, as Enron was collapsing. - Forbes Dec 13, 2001

7. October 04, 2001 - Nortel Networks has been selected by Global Crossing to provide IP service management software for Global Crossing's worldwide deployment of next generation IP and ATM services. - MPLS World News MPLS World News

8. October 11, 2001 Nortel Networks Deploying Voice, Data Network for Qwest Using Internet TechnologyRESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Nortel Networks* [NYSE/TSE: NT] is deploying for Qwest Communications International, Inc. a new, packet-based network infrastructure that Qwest intends to use to replace traditional, circuit-switched networks throughout its 14-state region. - Nortel Networks Press Release

9. "Carlyle has also invested in Global Crossing, Nextel and Nortel. - "The Industry Standard Money Watch Apr 23 2001

10. Until October 11, 2001, William E. Conway, Carlyle Group Founder and Director, was also Director of Global Crossing - Bermuda Stock Exchange

11. Until April, 2001, the chairman of the board at Nortel was Frank Carlucci, who is also chairman of The Carlyle Group - Press release from Nortel Networks

"Carlyle has also invested in Global Crossing, Nextel and Nortel."The Industry Standard Money Watch Apr 23 2001

12. George Bush, Sr. is Senior Advisor to The Carlyle Group's Asia fund. For full details see The Ex-President's Club - Meet The Carlyle Group

13. The Carlyle Group is the 13th largest government contractor. - Federal Access The Carlyle Group is the 10th largest defense contactor. - Government Executive Magazine

Northrup Grunning is the 4th largest defense contractor, and the 6th largest government contractor. The Carlyle Group owns Northrup Grunning's Commercial Aerostructures business (now called Integrated Systems Sector), which is the largest supplier of aircraft structures to the Boeing company, which is the nation's 2nd largest contractor.

14. John F. Harris, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of The Carlyle Group, was previously a Senior Manager with Arthur Andersen - Hoovers Executive Biography

The Carlyle Group is a partner and investor in Apteka-Holding, a Russian pharmaceutical company. From their website:"At the request of The Carlyle Group the business processes of the company were surveyed at the first stage of the project by the specialists of Arthur Andersen, one of the Big Five consultancies. - "Platinum SQL Implementation at Apteka-Holding

The Carlyle Group is an investor in a property management technology company called Realeum. From their website:"The former SC Partner from Arthur Andersen responsible for Realeum development serves as CTO and has established the infrastructure for analysis & design, development, platform operations and product management." - Realeum - About Us

15. The Carlyle Group is connected to Qwest through it's investment and partnership with a company called Citynet. Qwest Communications supplied bandwidth for Citynet as the company rose to become West Virginia's largest internet service provider. - State's Largest Internet Company Sees Bright Future AheadInside Citynet July, 2001

16. Robert E. Grady is a Partner and Managing Director at The Carlyle Group, and is also a member of the Advisory Board of Enron Corporation.USBX Board of Directors

17. George Bush Sr. accepted $80,000 worth of Global Crossing shares in lieu of payment for speaking fees for a 1998 speech he gave on the company's behalf in Japan. The value of those shares went up to 14 million. - San Francisco Chronicle Feb 11, 2002

18. Global Crossing is still in the running for a $400 million defense contract, despite having the project taken away from them in July, 2001. - Washington Post Feb 12, 2002

19. The federal government paid Arthur Andersen $93 million for services in 2000. Visit the Federal Procurement Data Center. Do a search for "Andersen". It will give you a drop-down menu of companies; in particular select ANDERSEN, ARTHUR, LLP_______CHICAGO, IL. You can search by what agencies contracted with them and how much they spent, or by what and for how much Andersen sold.

20. Enron's ties to the White House too extensive to list here. Please see Ken Lay Slept Here: The Enron Photo Album

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