Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Alin Mang Lahi" - A Kundiman by Jose Rizal

Alin Mang Lahi
Kundiman composed by José Rizal

Alin mang lahi, insinasanggalang
Sa lupit ang kanyang lupang tinubuan
Tuloy pinaghahandugan
Ng buhay at dugo kung kailangan

Ang kamatayan man, kung saka-sakali
Igiginhawa ng mga kalahi
Tatanggapin ng may ngiti
Kasaliw ang tuwang di mumunti

Nguni’t pagkasawing-plad yata
Ng katagalugang napapanganyayaI
bukod pa sa ibang umaaba
Lalong nagbibigay hapis ang ibang

Sabagay di kulang sa pupuhunanin
Lakas, dunong, tapang, yaman ay
Aywan kung bakit at inaalipin
Ng bawa’t lahing makasuno natin

Not many Filipinos know that Rizal composed kundimans. One was “Alin Mang Lahi”, which was first introduced to the publc by Antonio Molina for coloratura soprano with piano and orchestra accompaniment. The version used here was sung by Conching Rosal.

Rizal composed the kundiman, “La Deportacion” during his exile in Dapitan. A third, simply titled
"Kundiman" , was supposedly used during his trial as evidence that Rizal was fomenting revolution through the song. Since Rizal did not deny his authorship, it was believed that he did compose the music and write the lyrics.

Even at that time, Rizal had pointed out that the enemy is also from within.

The sound file embedded in this page is the midi version transcribed by Ian James R. Andres. A link to his website is provided in the "home" page. Click source below for live music.

Source: http://www.geocities.com/grevling_46/alinman.htm

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Hi Bert, I'm glad to find your blog which published my long time favourite KUNDIMAN by Dr. Jose Rizal. This song I remember from when I was in the elementary taught by our School,Principal, the late Mr. Jose Fabricante Sr of Karomatan, Lanao del Norte. He taught this kundiman to the senior pupils in our school and was sang by one of the graduating students during their graduation rite. I also managed to check on you tube and listened to Conching Rosal's rendition. She's my late Mother's favourite singer in her time too.